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Yankee Lore
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G Kinghorn

The Ghost Train

In 1891, a publicity stunt was launched in an attempt to increase passengers on the New England Limited.  The train, still using track from Willimantic to New Haven, was painted all white with gilt lettering from stem to stern with the exception of the locomotive.  The White Train, a name that lingers in the memories of some who have forgotten all else about the New York & New England line--all else except another nickname attached to the train; for as it's pale, sinuous length streaked across the Connecticut countryside at dusk creating an eerie effect it became popularly known as the Ghost Train.  It's running time was reduced from six hours to five hours and forty minutes.  Perhaps the white paint  increased its running time, who knows.  Rudyard Kipling, then vacationing in Vermont, was intrigued by it and found in it the idea for a short story which he entitled "007"

The Ghost Train disappeared on October 20, 1895, apparently it was too much trouble to keep clean...      
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