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Our Gardens & Grounds back
See below for Fall Photo's

Our Gardens are beginning to come alive!
April Flowers & 'Boomer' the cat, catching some 'rays' in the garden cart.  
Early Spring Shrubs include:  Nanking cherry bush-Quince & PJM
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May &June Blooms include common sage, marigold, papaver poppies,clematis,siberian Iris &silver beacon
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Small raised garden by garden shed contains cone flowers,pink & white ( not in bloom), sage, poppies,pansies, joe-pye weed, iris. thyme, oregano &     tulips. The tulips are safe from the moles in the raised garden.  Clematis, 'polish Spirit' climbs up bedroom balcony for a spectacular display.

Shrub Rose- Rosa Rugosa  stands on the Northeast side of the house.  It has a very intense old rose fragrance and perfumes the whole yard on a breezy day.  "Blaze, a climbing rose pairs very well with a clematis as they ramble up the copper arbor Glenn made last year. The arbor stands on the South side of the house, (back yard). I like to combine clematis with other vines as well.  Shown below is  Honeysuckle & clematis which is planted on the natural cedar arbor in the herb garden. This is the first year that the clematis has really made a showing creating a beautiful scene.  
Spiderwort- sounds awful but is a very pretty plant.  We have three planted around the pond area.  Our ducks
enjoy a drink after foraging in the garden from their water bowl, a cow dairy water bowl, placed outside the cottage garden.  More Ducks
White Rhodys shine in the morning sun along pond edge.
Late July & Early August Blooms
Above Purple cone flower & Black eyed susan mingle
Beautiful sweet smelling Clethra Rosea enhances the pond border.
Fall Blooms & Foliage
Morning mist rises from the pond on a crisp     Mid- morn light shows off the brilliance of the Fall foliage
Fall morn.            
View of backyard from our kitchen window.    
The morning after first frost. (Oct-2000)
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