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I have an affinity for roses and especially love the 'old' rose or antique varieties.  Fragrance and size of the bloom is what attracts me to the 'old' roses.  I do have, however,  several hybrid tea and climbing rose varities on the property.  My latest addition is Evelyn, a David Austin English Rose which is a cross between a hybid tea and a floribunda.  I can't wait until next season when this rose blooms.  Evelyn's fragrance is a powerful blend of peach and lily-of-the-valley with a touch of freesia.  Its large cupped blossoms are apricot pink in color.  I will publish a photo as soon as she blooms.

1999 Plantings
I planted a Jackson and Perkins variety of English Rose-English Sachet.  It has cupped and quartered blooms of deep pink & white.  Wonderful sweet fragrance fills the air.  This is one of my favorite roses.  Photo pending.
The  Damask Rose Marie Louise, blooms only once, with a fairly long blooming period in late spring-early summer but what a spectacular show.  June 2000 is Maries first showing in our garden.  This is a large bush often spreading to six feet wide and high.  Ours is over six feet presently.  It has a strong Damask rose scent.
Marie Louise Damask Rose
Our shrub rose, rosa rugosa is now in flower.   Intense rose fragrance. Bush is approx. nine feet high and six feet in diameter.

Climbing Roses:
Americana, a Jackson & Perkins climber of a beautiful salmon color will eventually crawl along the split rail
fence of the front cottage garden.
Blaze, which rambles up a copper arbor Glenn made.  A Clematis,  keeps Blaze company on the south side,
(back yard),of the house.
Below is a Floribunda rose , name unknown.  I purchased it 'on sale' mainly because of the pleasing color & the health of the plant.  It turned out to be one of my 'best buys'.  Purple Palace coral bells compliment the planting.
J & P 'English Sonnet Rose'    Hybrid Tea Rose'New Day'    

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