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A Man Called `Unc'

If I was to write a eulogy for `unc', I would include his indomitable will to be his own `Man'.  I admire people who can stand firm on their convictions, fortifying their philosophy on life.  

I knew `unc' for just over nine years and in those nine years did not socialize with him on a regular basis; however, I did recognize his character and felt that I knew him.  To me he epitomized what is known as a  "Connecticut Yankee", bringing to life a portraiture of what the sobriquet `Yankee' really depicted

Yankees are strong, hardworking, creative, and stoic for the most part, possessing a solid sense of civic duty. They take life seriously and put `chores' or business first; assuming responsibility and providing for family was top priority.  They are `givers' for the most part and sharing with neighbors in lean times was just something that was done without question. When there was time to `play', they played hard; work hard and play hard seem to go hand and hand.  Being a native of Connecticut, I knew many just like him and `Unc' was no exception, so I have heard, from his many friends and family.  

People like him will live on in the memories of not only family and friends but in the Town where they were born and raised.  They touched many lives and in doing so, made their communities a better place to live.

Finally, in true `Yankee' fashion, when he became unable to work and live the quality of life that he was accustomed to, he became unwilling to fight for his existence here on earth.
I salute you `unc', true to your indomitable will to be your own `Man'.  You will be missed.

May you find Peace.


Winter Flower Garden

Asleep snuggled under a down like coverlet of snow
Safe from ravaging winds and icy tendrils of `Jack Frost'
Lying dormant and secure, waiting for the lovely maiden `Spring'
To gently stir the earth
Bringing forth into the sun, Mother Natures crown Jewels

Ulead PhotoImpact Image
Herb Garden-honeysuckle vine -January 9, 2001

Late Night Call

The phone rang, shattering the late night air like the crack of a whip
Jolting me to consciousness
As I fumbled to answer with leaden hands, emotions erupted in my mind, careening out of control.
Who could this be?
What could be wrong?
My lips formed the word, hello.
Silence-then 'click'.
I lay staring into the darkness
Emotions ebbing from apprehension to annoyance to relief.
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