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Backyard Wildlife                         Canada Goose In Flight

Deer Problems?

This year the deer have decimated the shrubs, plants and trees in our yard and in the surrounding community. Here are a few tips from folks that may help with your deer problem. Like with all experiments, you will have to monitor the effectiveness of your strategies. Chances are the deer will get used to the deterrent and you will have to change to Plan B.

Deer love tulips, so to prevent them from eating every one, this person hung aluminum pie plates from a bush above the plants. It worked!
No bush near by-use a stake system.

Discourage deer from munching on young trees, by attaching white plastic bags, (the one you get from the grocery store), to some of the branches. The white color and the fact that they rustle in the wind throws up a caution sign to the deer. Hanging wind chimes in the branches or laying a large circle of chicken wire around the base works for some people.

Try spraying your plants with `hot sauce' mixed with water.  The deer will eat it once but usually don't come back for more.  The problem with this method is that you must do it quite often to keep it fresh.  We found that spreading stinky stuff around the base of plants and shrubs -didn't work.  Save your money.

A motion detector security light with a radio plugged into it is another method used by some. Get a motion detector with two sockets and a four-second `test' setting. Put a light bulb in one socket and a radio tuned to a 24 talk show in the other. When motion is detected, both radio and light will come on for four seconds.

I bought black deer netting and wrapped my tender shrubs but not before the deer ate most of the shrub.  Our holly, yews, and even the PJM were devastated.  I'll wrap in late fall next year and not wait until first snow.  

Blue Heron stopping in for a 'snack'  in our pond. He is looking at the car and as we watched, decided to use it as an observation tower. (10/2000)

Complacent Bull Frog Allows Photo Shoot

Glenn's Brother Bruce checking up on the Bass population in our pond.  This is a catch and release process. It is our way of checking on the health of the pond by its inhabitants.  All is well.

Green Heron
American Crow

Wild Turkeys
Blue Heron                   
White Tailed Deer
Occasional Bobcat
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