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A Cat Story
G Kinghorn

The Cat and I

We have three cats,  `Missy', `Rusty' and `Boomer'.   I tolerate cats and I must admit at times they are quite amusing. I'm going to tell you about a `trick' `Boomer' pulled not to long ago that does not fall into the amusing category.  

`Missy', a wild female cat had two kittens in the late Fall of 1996 in a brush pile close by our house.  We started feeding `Missy' in hopes that her kittens would survive the winter.  Obviously they did and after some time we  managed to tame one kitten, `Boomer'.  `Missy' and `Rusty' are still very wary but stay close to home and come in to be fed.  We had to use a have-a -heart trap to capture `Missy' and `Rusty' in order to get them their necessary vaccinations and to be neutered and spayed.  `Boomer' we could handle.  

Now picture this.  The Mrs. is sitting on the couch when she jumps up and informs me that a flea just landed on her leg.  She immediately heads for the utility closet for the insect spray.  Of course it's my fault the cat has fleas because I forgot to get the new flea collar last week.  Poor `Boomer'.  Down to the store we go and come back armed with a new flea collar, high potency flea spray and one extra flea collar.  I had an idea that maybe `Boomer' wasn't the whole problem since the other cats come in to be fed perhaps they had a hand in this but there was no way I could get flea collars on them.  This is where the extra flea collar comes in.  I thought if I mounted it on the bottom of the cat door flap it would brush over the cats as they came in and out daily.  Sounds like it would work and maybe help a little.  Worth a try I thought and after a few minutes it was mounted on the cat door flap.

That evening `Boomer' was ready to go out for his evening rounds but he appeared to hanging around in the house, pacing back and forth and peering out the back door.  I was watching the news and ignored him.  He has a door let him use it.   After about a half hour, the Mrs. informs me that `Boomer' went upstairs and got her to let him out.  Before I could say anything the door was opened and the `spoiled brat' was let outside.  He, a.k.a., His Royal Highness, would not go out the cat door with the flea collar attached.  The Mrs. informed me that `HRH' did not like putting his face so close to the flea collar on the door and that I should take it off immediately so `HRH' would be able to come in later without a problem.  

I can still picture the smug look on his face as I'm dismantling my invention.  That's all right, the next time I see a flea in the house guess which one will have the smug look on his face and which one will be getting a nice soapy flea bath.
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