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February 2000
The Coyote has been making a comeback in our area during the past few years.  Cats, opossum and raccoons have been disappearing.  We discovered the track of a large, possibly a male Coyote, just after the the last new snow fall. The tracks were very close to the house. The coyote track has two toes prominently forward distinguishing it from domestic canines, thus there was no mistake 'Ol Wile E. Coyote' was in the back yard  They seem to be getting bolder and less fearful of man.  Last year we had an abundance of raccoons and this year we rarely see a raccoon track in the woods , never mind the animal itself.  The white tailed deer seemed to have left for safer territory as well.  We try to keep track of the 'Hobo' cats and take a' head count' every day.  

This past Fall, as the moon was rising, it was not uncommon to hear the eerie howling of the pack off in the distance.  We are not overly concerned but the fact that they are becoming bolder towards humans has us more aware and cautious of the situation.

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