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Most  people like to create things of interest or beauty, whether it is traditional art,  whimsical art, i.e. garden art, or just create eye catching individual statements around your home.
 I personally enjoy creating individual statements for use in my home and garden. Examples:  Pressed botanicals under glass fashioned into sun catcher type objects or framed in picture fashion.  Garden art created from  wood, glass or metal items obtained from our local recycling center, or potpourris made using my own dried flower and plant material.  
Glenn and I have several 'works' in progress using items obtained from the recycling center that may surprise you.  You can create many interesting things such as plant hangers, unique bird house designs and whimsical garden art objects,  just for the cost of your time and perhaps paint or small hardware 'do dads'.  I will publish the items to this page once they are completed.
Seen below is a recycled revolving photo rack.  Glenn sanded down the edge that fits into the main stem and stained it with cherry stain.  I then cut  140lb cold press watercolor paper into 3 1/2X 5 rectangles and applied a background color with watercolor paint.  The next step was to place the dried botanicals onto the paper in a desired pattern,  using Elmer's glue.  Then simply sandwich the design between the pieces of glass and insert into frame. The photo frame was recycled and I got to use some of the botanicals that I pressed & dried last summer.
Neat Wooden Scroll Saw Puzzel "Ant-ta-nee' made from recycled wood,
used as a garden art object.
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