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Create A T-Shirt

Create unique T-Shirts using slices of fruit and vegetables.  Sound nuts,
but the results will surprise you.  The key is to use firm fruits and vegetables and be sure to blot them thoroughly on paper towels prior to use.  Test your designs on plain  thick paper, (type of produce and color), before applying to T-shirt.
Mushrooms, citrus wedges, star fruit, halved apples(small),pears, thin slice of green bell pepper, and even broccoli work well.  
You will need:
Clean pre-washed cotton T-shirts
Fabric paint (your choice of colors).
Coated paper plates for easy cleanup
Paper towels
plain heavy white paper.  (Use printer paper, heavy gauge if you have it).
Heavy cardboard -to use as backing for T-shirt so prints don't bleed through.
masking tape.
Start by pouring selected paints onto coated paper plates.  Prepare the produce you are going to use and then blot thoroughly each piece on a paper towel.
Dip produce into paint a press lightly on plain piece of paper to lay out your design.
Once the design is ready, slide the cardboard inside the T-shirt.  Fold the sleeves and sides of the shirt firmly around the cardboard and tape them securely with the masking tape. Dip lightly & carefully into paint so as not to glob, the press the selected fruit & produce firmly on the shirt. Let dry thoroughly, both the paint & the shirt.   You can sign your name or a logo using a rounded stick or blunt pencil dipped in the paint.
Have Fun!
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