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G Kinghorn

Connecticut Yankee Traders

`Reason for Sale'

There was once a shrewd lawyer that lived on Mason Island on the Connecticut coast reached by a connecting bridge from the mainland.  The lawyer, desiring to sell a saddle horse, inserted an advertisement in the paper which read thus:

     Saddle horse for sale.  Reason for sale,
    owner wishes to leave town.

In reply to the ad, a prospective buyer traveled to the island.  He inspected the horse and after some bartering, bought the horse for seventy five dollars.  The new owner saddled the horse and headed for the mainland.  When they came to the bridge, the horse balked, and no amount of coercion could get him across.  Angry, the man rode back to the lawyer.  After he explained the trouble at the bridge, the lawyer chuckled.  
"Well," he said, "I said the reason for sale was that I wished to leave town, and I just couldn't leave town with that horse!".

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