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J. E. Kinghorn

Creating Healing Salves, Creams &
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The oils used in making salve bases should be natural, and not too fragrant.  It is best to use a double boiler to heat beeswax simply because it lowers the risk of the wax becoming too hot and catching on fire.

The best oils to use are almond oil, aloe vera, grapeseed, jojoba, calendula,  and chamomile.  Olive oil can be used to help with skin irritations, however, it is very greasy and can overpower the other essence oils  you may use.

Listed below is a recipe for a popular salve.

Alkanet Salve

4T jojoba oil
4T grapeseed oil
1T alkanet root (dried) Gives salve a `pinkish' color.
1 1/2T beeswax
1T aloe vera oil
1/4t borax
1/4t camomile flowers(dried-ground)
6 drops bergamot oil
6 drops lemon oil

Use a glass jar, soak alkanet root in jojoba and grapeseed oil for 3 days.  Then pour into saucepan and heat until warm. Melt beeswax in double boiler.  Strain alkanet mixture, using cheesecloth and mix into the beeswax.  Add the remaining ingredients and blend well.  Pour into glass jars and let cool.  When cool cover and store.

Calendula Cream

1T beeswax
1T almond oil    
5 drops of thyme oil
2T calendula oil
1/2t borax or 1/2 t powered elder flowers
Melt beeswax in double boiler.  Add almond and calendula oils and stir well.  Dissolve the borax in the glycerine and add to beeswax mixture, mix well.  Add thyme oil and stir for one minute.  Pour into glass jar uncovered and let cool.  Once cream has set, cover to store.

Witch Hazel & Rose Astringent
2T rose petals
1/3 C witch hazel
1/2 C vodka
1T glycerine
1/4t borax
6 drops of rose geranium essential oil.

Note:  bergamot, lavender, juniper, lemon and lemon grass essential oils work well for oily skin.  You can use basic recipe and add the oils you prefer.

Dry or sensitive skin: rose, sandlewood or chamomile.
Acne: bergamot rosemary and lavender.

Place the rose petals in a glass bottle or jar and cover with vodka.  Cap the container and let stand in a warm place for  a week.  Strain out the petals.  Dissolve the borax in the witch hazel then stir in the strained vodka, glycerine and essential oil.  Works well for oily skin.
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