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I have always wanted a front garden in the English country style. I'm not to fond of rigid formats and structure and much prefer to 'wing it', so to speak.  I added elements of whimsey and Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice.  Feng Shui, basically provides the principles of living in harmony with nature but keeping with our country background we installed a split rail fence surrounding the garden.  I guess you can call it the Kinghorn style.  A little bit of this and that.
View  1 is from the gateway on the back wooded side.  There are three gateways. I just trimmed the red twig dogwood,(left in the photo next to Marie Lousie, Damask rose bush), it was over-powering the little garden.
click here to view damask rose bloomRoses in the Kinghorn Garden
View 2 is the gateway leading to the woods. The large fieldstone structure on the left serves as a bench.  Hostas, Astilbes, foxglove and hydrangea are planted near this gateway on the semi-shady side. Only the foxglove is in bloom at this time.
Red barberry bush anchors focal point, under planted with pink creeping thyme. Clematis and English ivy ramble over a large piece of driftwood and  climb the granite pillar.  Planted around the front face of the center focal point is two sugar plum mini roses and white heather.  All the large rocks were gathered on the property.

Foxgloves are the first to bloom along the woodland side of the garden.  Fifty Oriental lilies are planted amongst the foxgloves. Late blooming clematis climbing up granite pilar(close up).
This view is the side gateway, which faces the house.  Sweet peas will eventually climb over the remnants of an old wooden wagon wheel.  Astilbe accent the bird bath near the side gateway. Lavender greets you as you enter.
       The back border of the garden is framed by two very large burning bushes and a Norway spruce which protect the garden from the town road.  The split rail fence surrounds the remaining borders of the garden in a 'loose' circular shape.  Mixed Delphiniums, Hollyhocks,Liatris, oriental lilies, bell flowers, and six different variety of peonies form the back border.  The back border is graduated down to mid- size plants.  Tea roses, scabiosa,(pink mist & butterfly blue), coral bells(purple palace), for contrast color, clustered bell flowers and little miss muffet daisy.  Sedum & mum are inter-planted for added Fall color.
I will be adding to this page as the flowers bloom and publish a full view of the garden.                    
Pink Mist Scabiosa             Butterfly Blue Scabiosa        Floribunda Rose & coral bells
                                                                          Peonies &  Youngest Granddaughter, Danielle, enjoying hybrid tea rose-'New Day'.
Astilbes bloom along side birdbath.       J&P climbing rose'Americana'                Bellflower
'Little Miss Muffet' daisy's nestled among 'Dusty Miller'  I prefer 'Little Miss Muffet daisy's as opposed to 'shasta' for mid-size accent plants.  Muffets stay compact and have larger flowers.  I do have Shasta's on the back border.  Hollyhocks & Glads pair nicely & turtleheads enhance mid-late summer border.  Bleeding Heart stands among the astilbes and as always the Madonna Lily is a 'show stopper'.
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