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De-Skunk Your PET
Better than tomato juice, coffee or vinegar.
Karl Brandon, an animal science technician at Kansas State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in Manhattan, recommends this formula.  It works!  
1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide(the foaming action helps the smell to the surface), 1/4 cup baking soda (neutralizes the odor), and 1 teaspoon liquid soap (raises the hair cuticle) additionally bringing the odor to the surface.  Combine all ingredients in a bucket and clean pet outside. Wear protective clothing and rubber gloves or the smell will linger on you.  Wet down your pet, then apply mixture, working into a lather, avoiding the eye area.  Leave mixture on for three or four minutes then rinse.  Discard leftover mixture.  

We Have Two Domestic Mallard Ducks,   A.K.A. Darryl & Dilbert

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Kitty Kollage
Janet & her first kitty Mitzi

Three Cats-  Boomer - Missy - Rusty and  asssorted hobo cats which we feed

Cat Story

'Boomer' in one of his sleep  positions.

Boomer & Missy December2000        

'Boomer' enjoying 'spring rays' in garden cart.

Rusty and Boomer are brothers and are now 5 years old. Rusty's coat is a deep rust shade.  Boomer's coat is several shades lighter. Both cats are big but Rusty is heavier set and not as friendly.  Missy is their mother and she is only about 15 months older.

Our Dogs passed away and we did not replace them.  We were very attached to them and couldn't bear to go through the pain of separation again.  We decided not to get any more dogs, even though they are our choice for a pet.  Our cats are still our 'babies' and we care for  them very much.  We are retired now and want to travel and don't want to leave our dog in a kennel.  We have family that take care of the cats in our house and we are never away very long at any one time.  

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Kitty Kollage
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