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Weather Folklore

Lore surrounding the habits & motions of animals, insects & plants to predict the weather.

Jackasses bray more often and shake their ears before rain.  Swine will be very restless, squeal and jerk up their heads before high winds and moles will bank up their hills before rain.  Horses will stretch their necks, sniff the air frequently and herd up in the corner of the field, while dogs will get sleepy and inactive before stormy weather.  Sheep will become more active pending a storm.

Birds are very sensitive to pending changes in the weather.  The gull will fly inland prior to the approach of a storm and fly out to sea again when fair weather is returning.  Swallows will fly low pending a storm and high during fair weather.  Birds will become more animated and vocal pending stormy weather.  They will usually feed with voracity as well.

Bees will remain in their hives or stay very close to the hive pending foul weather.  Butterflies, when they appear early in the Spring, are usually forerunners of fine weather.
Beetles active late in the evening usually foretell of a fine tomorrow.  

Chickweed, a.k.a. the poor man's weather glass or barometer.  When open in the morning fair weather may be expected; when closed rain.
Corn Husks- If tightly closed and difficult to pull apart, it is a sign of a hard winter.  Cobwebs on the grass early in the morn, indicate a fair weather day.

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