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In Spring 2001 we will be adding a fieldstone walkway from the front entrance to the side of the house that leads to the backyard.  We have worn down the sod by trodding back and forth over the same pathway.  The theme of the yard is very natural and typical New England, that's why fieldstone was chosen. We may experiment with plantings between the stone to soften the walkway.
Glenn is building a garden feature in his wood shop for the Cottage garden in the front.  I will post it to the site once completed. He is also making slated wooden hanging planters of his own design for the arbor.
We will be adding new perennials to the cottage garden and fresh wood chip mulch.
The deer did a 'number' on our white cedar trees which were planted as a barrier to the road and border the cottage garden.  We have since covered them but reviving them to good health may be difficult.  We may have to put up a wood fence until the cedars are once again healthy.
Hedge Rose border separating pond from driveway.

The New front yard 'cottage style garden' is nearly completed and will be added to the site in early Summer 2000.  It is situated on the other side of the driveway, just left of the picture seen above.  It features mainly perennials and several varieties of roses including tea, floribunda and antique roses.
cottage garden blooms                
I have prepared a place in the new front garden for the perennial plant,'Bleeding heart'-Dicentra spectabilis.  This plant has a special meaning for me as I associate it with my grandmother, who has passed on.  When I was very young, perhaps five years old, she would take me into her garden and patiently answer all my incessant 'little girl' questions. I was particularly facinated by the 'Bleeding Heart' with little heart shaped flowers covering the stems.  She explained to me that it reminded her of the Sacred Heart of Christ and if I ever had a garden of my own someday, that I should plant one to remind me of his  presence.  When I view this plant in the future, it will remind me of her as well as christ.   May/June Cottage Garden Blooms  Photo's Cottage Garden
Highbush cranberry and elderberry bushes have been ordered for spring 2000 planting.  The berries will provide food for the birds, which falls into our plan to provide a natural habitat for wildlife.  Additionally, it will provide a screen on the property line.  They are large full bushes and can grow up to twelve feet in height.
A small dock will be added to our 1/4 acre pond and an arbor to cover the back deck which is on the south side of the house and gets full sun all day.  We will document the construction and add it to our web page.  Shown here is Glenn comptemplating the dock site-June 2000.  This photo was taken on one of the few sunny days we've had this very cold Spring.  Arbor Project

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