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William Kinghorn
Son of George Kinghorn & Margaret Mitchell (this has not been proved because of lack of recorded  entries in parochial registers(early 1709-1727), however the Scots Ancestry Research Society believes that  this couple likely had a son  William and failed to record the birth.  A Son Robert was  born to this couple September 13, 1713 and recorded in the parochial record of Falkland, Scotland, UK.
John Kinghorn
*Son of William Kinghorn & Isobel Johnston
*(marriage proclaimed/1/17/1744/Auchtermuchty)
Baptised on July 27, 1746  (no record of birth)
Parrish of Auchternuchty. Scotland, UK
William Kinghorn
Son of John Kinghorn & Isobel Skinner (married in parrish ofStrathmiglo -04/1/1774)
Baptised on October 19, 1777(no record of birth)
Parrish of Auchtermuchty, Scotland, UK
David Kinghorn
Son of William Kinghorn & Jane Leitch
Born April 13, 1806
Rolliemill, Abernethy, Scotland, UK
Died August 21, 1868
Aberargie, Abernethy, Scotland, UK

George Kinghorn
Son of George Kinghorn & Lillias Ballantyne
Born August 18, 1859 ( illegitimate at the time, parents were married in 1861)
Abernethy Scotland, UK

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                   Henry Kinghorn                                                                      
Son of George Kinghorn & Lillias Ballantyne        
Born August 31, 1865                
Aberargie,Abernethy,Perthshire, Scotland, UK        
Died 1957, Marlborough, CT. USA
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Henry George Kinghorn
Son of Henry Kinghorn & Isabella Mortimer Johnston
Born April 20, 1888-Hartford CT, USA
Died March 2, 1963-Hartford, CT.USA

Henry Warland Kinghorn
Son of Henry George Kinghorn & Mary Elizabeth Warland
Born September 19, 1919 - Bridgeport, CT. USA
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Glenn Douglas Kinghorn
Son of Henry Warland Kinghorn & Mabel May Fuller
Born May 9, 1942- Middletown, CT, USA

Four Generations: 1943-  Henry-Henry G.-Henry W.-Glenn D. Kinghorn

Abernethy Census :
"address Aberargie
David Kinghorn-head of house, aged 43, weaver.  Born in Dron, Perthshire
Catherine, wife, aged 42, born in Abernethy
Janet, daughter,  aged 20 born in Abernethy
Jean, daughter, aged   14     "       "         "
George, son,     aged   12       "       "         "
Joseph,  son      aged   10       "        "        "     
David,     son      aged     5       "        "        "  

Marriage Banns were recorded in 1861, for George Kinghorn and Lillias Ballantyne
"22nd March 1861 at Abernethy Free Church Manse, after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,  George Kinghorn, joiner(journeyman), aged 22, of Abergargie.  The Son of David Kinghorn, handloom weaver, and Catherine Christie.
Lillias Ballantyne, handloom weaver, aged 23, of Abernethy.  The daughter of William Ballantyne, farm labourer, (deceased), and Jane Crightone."
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